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Grade A Fresh Apples

Product Name: Grade A Fresh Apples
Product Origin: SOUTH AFRICA
Standard: GRADE A.
Supply Ability: 500 metric tons per month
Detailed Product Description:

1).Origin-South Africa

2).Size-all kinds of size ,the diameter is 60mm-65mm-70mm-75mm-80mm.

The average weight of fuji apple is 180 ~ 300 grams, maximum weight is up to 400 grams or more.

3).Package- Inner packing -tray ,netting sheath and plastic bag

Outer packing -10kg/ctn (size28-32-36-40-44)

18kg/ctn(size 72-80-88-100-113-125-138-150-163-175-198 )

20kg/ctn(size 72-80-88-100-113-125-138-150-163-175-198 )

Conveyance-Qty/40'RH ,10kg/ctn 2212ctns within pallets

18kg/ctn 1288 ctns within pallets

20kg/ctn 1106ctns within pallets

4).Grade-A or A&B mixed

5).Features-rich of vitamins,minerals ,nutritions which are benefit to our health;

good shape,sweet taste and crispy,

Fruit soluble solids content of 15.3% ~ 16.0%, acid content of 0.2% ~ 0.4% ,sugar content is about 17%

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